Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I spend a lot of time talking and writing about ways to improve athletic strength, speed and power, so today I figured I would do the opposite. So if you recognize some of the things on this list, then you are not getting as fast as you can possibly be.

1. Run slow. If you have read my blogs before, you know my feelings about long distance running for the speed athlete. If you goal is to be slow, keep running slow.

2. A. Don't lift legs at all.
B. Just do machine lifts for your legs like leg extensions and calf raises. Don't ever squat or lunge.
C. Do your squats and other leg lifts with bad form.
D. If you have good form on your squats and other leg lifts, keep lifting with light weight and doing sets of 8 - 12 reps. Avoid lifting heavy at all costs.

3. Do speed training every day. Don't rest between days or between sets. Keep running until you puke and run some more. If your body is tired, don't listen to it.

4. Warm up only by jogging and then sitting and stretching.

5. A.Do an internet jump training program that has a mindless amount of volume to it. Jump until your knees and shins hurt.
B. Don't do any form of plyometrics or jump training.

6. Don't stretch ever. Completely neglect your flexibility.

7. Sleep 6 hours or less per night.

8. Eat no fruits or vegetables. Eat french fries for lunch and pizza for dinner. Don't eat breakfast.

Again these are the best ways to be SLOW! Follow these simple steps and you will be slow as molasses in no time!

Keep in mind that our football guys are shifting from true speed training to specific conditioning. Although we are never running slow, their volume of running will increase dramatically in the next 6 weeks. Never confuse speed training for conditioning .

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heavy Leg Workout

Since we are "technique guys" at SOAR, a lot of people confuse that with "we don't let guys lift heavy". That couldn't be further from the truth - if you have good technique and your training age allows you to lift heavy.

Today I had a junior linebacker in the gym who is one of the strongest high school kids I have ever seen. This is his workout.

1. After warm up - he did 3 sets of 8 multi - directional jumps over hurdles. The goal was to jump as high as possible with as little ground contact time as possible - a true plyometric.

2. Complex sets of Box squats with DB jump squats - Sets of 3 jumps squats were performed on the last 5 sets of squats.

135 - 8reps
225 - 6reps
315 - 4 reps
365 - 4 reps
385 - 4reps
405 - 4 reps
425 - 4 reps

3. Lateral squats with a 35 lb plate. 3 x 8 each leg. Lateral squatting is an often overlooked exercise for all athletes. If you play a multi - directional sport, you must lift in all planes of movement.

4. 1 Leg Straight leg Dead Lift. 3x6 We paired the first 2 sets with a single leg glute bridge for 30 seconds each leg.

5. Sled push for conditioning. He performed 8 10 yd pushes with 25 seconds rest in between.

Done. Saturday we will work on position drills and hit the upper body.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Football Conditioning Workout

Yesterday, I had a college offensive lineman and an All - State High School Defensive Lineman in the gym. I put them through a football specific conditioning workout. After full dynamic workout, this is how it went.

1.Box jumps 4x3 - 90 sec rest.

2. 3 step heavy band sequence - 2 sprints - 15 sec rest 2 shuffles right 15 sec rest 2 crossovers right 15 sec rest 2 shuffles left 15 sec rest 2 crossovers left 15 sec rest

The distance for each movement was about 3 - 4 yards. For the O Lineman, he performed a pull instead of a crossover. Each guy went through this 2 times.

3. 5 and back, 10 and back then 10 suicide. 2 times each way with 30 sec rest. This is when fatique set in.

4 minute rest

4. Heavy sled run 25 yds then backward sled drag 25yds - 2 sets per guy with 2 minutes rest in between.

4 minute rest

5. Leg curl on ball 2 x15 paired with heavy DB squat swing 2x15

Done. The workout took about 40 minutes after warm up. At no point did they run over 40yds. Each set/rep was performed at the highest intensity possible. That's training for football.

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