Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Looking to Play College Football?

If you are a high school football player that has hopes of playing at the college level, then this is a critical time of year for you.  Unless you are a 5 star, blue chip recruit who has lots of offers already on the table, you are going to have to prove yourself at a variety of college camps and combines this summer.   Even if you do not possess Division 1 size and speed, there are a ton of opportunities for solid football players to earn scholarship money at the Division 2 and 3 level  - especially if you have have great grades and high test scores.

Many of these camps involve combine type tests (40, vertical jump, shuttle, ect)  along with position drills.   The key to performing well at these tests is very simple........prepare specifically for the tests!   All of the lifting and stuff that goes on in the high school weight room is fine, but if you are not practicing your 40 yard start on a weekly basis, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.  Along with specifically practicing the tests, there are a number of exercises that we do with sleds, medicine balls and bands that will also enhance your ability to perform your best.

I have been conducting combines for 7 years and have been preparing athletes for combines for 8 years.   I have seen numerous players earn scholarships based on a tremendous performance in a few drills and tests.  I know of one of my linemen who received multiple Division 1 offers as a result of great short shuttle times.  In a sport where a tenth of a second means everything, paying specific attention to detail could be the difference between a scholarship and a walk - on offer.

In addition to our test preparation, we also can help the player with some position specific drills.   Through my experience with the NFL, I have been lucky enough to stand next to pro scouts while position drills are going on.  I have seen the mistakes that players have made that immediately gets them disregarded.   I have also seen the specific techniques that makes the scouts eyes light up.  Which player do you want to be this summer?

Contact Mike Kozak at 614-306-9364 to set up a consultation and begin the preparation process.   The time you spend in our facility now can pay major dividends this summer when you get in front of college coaches.

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