Monday, June 18, 2012

College Football Conditioning - Week 1 at a Glance

We are winding down Week 1 of Summer Football Conditioning at Soar.   On Monday, the guys ran some times 10's and then finished with a lower body strength and power lift.   On Tuesday, the focus was Upper Body lifting and core.

On Wednesday, we shifted focus to position drills and conditioning.  Below are some video clips.

This is a clip of a sled push and sprint interval. Each 5 yard sled push was followed immediately by a 10 yard sprint. Rest was 25 - 35 seconds between reps. This is a lineman specific agility drill. We performed 8 reps of drills with 30 seconds rest in between. We then headed outside to the hill. We ended our hill workout with a series of 10 hurry up sprints. The sprints were about 7 yards in length with 15 seconds of rest in between. On Friday, the workout began with 8 sets of 3 MB throws paired with 8 sets of 10 yard sled pushes. Rest was 30 seconds after the throws and then 45 seconds after the pushes. The second "quarter" of Friday's workout consisted of crossover sled drags. The athletes performed 4 sets of 15 yard drags in each direction with 30 seconds rest. We then finished Friday off with some conditioning shuttles and then some hip extension and knee prehab work.

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