Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 MUSTS for the Mult - Sport Athlete

This time of year at SOAR, I have a ton of athletes who are participating in winter lifting at school for football, conditioning and practicing for lacrosse or baseball, and trying to train with me. . Below are 5 MUSTS for any athlete who is training for or competing in two sports simultaneously. For the purpose of this article, I am focusing on those who play football and baseball/lacrosse. But, the information can be used for any athlete during any season.

1. Analyze your schedule. Put it on paper, preferably in a calender. This is the important information that someone like myself would need to see. What days do you lift at school? What days are lower body oriented? What days do you have lacrosse conditioning or skill practice? This information will help a good strength and conditioning coach put a weekly plan together for you. Once I see a kid's weekly training schedule, I suggest the best days for higher intensity training at SOAR. I also know what days should be recovery and flexibility oriented. Also, if you work out on your own, keep a log of your workouts.

2.Proper nutrition. Eat a good breakfast with whole grains, fruit and protein. Try to eat the healthiest lunch possible. If you are trying to gain weight, have some easy snacks in your locker such as protein bars or peanut butter crackers. If you are going from training right to another practice, then make sure you have a good small meal option (not fast food). Some athletes do well with a protein shake. Some can not handle the dairy during training. Know your budget and what you can eat. But absolutely do not try to train for 4 hours without eating since lunchtime. . Also, take a good multi- vitamin.

3. Warm - up properly - ALWAYS! If you are doing any form of high intensity practice, training or lifting, you MUST warm up. The warm up should elevate heart rate and body temperature, move all joints in dynamic range of motion, and prepare the central nervous system for full speed movement. Jogging does not accomplish this, neither does sitting down and stretching. If you are not sure how to do a dynamic warm-up, consult a professional such as myself.

4. SLEEP! At least 7 hours a night. Sleeping at study hall doesn't count.

5. Find time for yourself, family and friends. Sounds simple, but it is necessary to avoid burnout.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Football Combine - Bench Press Training

At football combines, the test for upper body strength/endurance is the Rep Maximum Test (225lb for NFL combine/pro days, 135 - 185lb for high school). There are two keys to increasing your reps for the test. You must improve max strength AND you must improve your endurance. Early in the training week we work on max strength and later in the week we do high repetition work. This is the most common set up used by the top strength coaches in the world.

Here is the heavy upper body workout done today at SOAR. This is week 2 of combine training.

Bench press - we worked up to heavy sets of 4 3 2 and 1 based on percentages of their estimated 1 rep max.

Pair 1 Incline DB press 3 x5
Half Kneeling Rotational Throw 2 x 1 0 each side

Triple set - Rear delt fly 2 x 10
Band push down - 2 x 30 sec.
DB zottman curl 2 x 15

Then the athletes performed an ab ciruit of 4 exercises.

Upper body pulling exercises were done yesterday with legs.

On Friday, the athletes will perform their first attempt at the 225 test. Then we will perform sets of max reps weighted push ups.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

40 Yard Dash Training

The most important drill at a football combine is the 40 yard dash. In my experience, the best results I have seen have come from improving start stance and the first 10 yards of the sprint. Below is a video that shows one common error I see from a lot of football players when I first watch them run a 10 yard sprint.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What up at SOAR for 2010

Happy New Year. Things are very busy here so I have had little time for the blog. Here are some things that will happen at SOAR in the winter of 2010.

1. Combine training for Pro Prospects has already started today 1/7. Lenny Wicks, a CB from Youngstown State is our first member of the 2010 combine class.

2. Saturday January 30th I am holding a free squat technique clinic from 12:30 to 2pm in Lewis Center. It is open to all athletes and coaches. Proper technique and progressions will be taught. Each athlete will also have their technique assessed. Call me at 614-306-9364 to reserve a spot.

3. Off - season training for all athletes has already started. Remember, if you train at school, we will design a program that complements your school one.

4. I will be at the Mintonette Volleyball Club on Sunday January 10th to do a speed and strength clinic specific for volleyball players.

Stay tuned to the blog, I will get some more video up as soon as I can.

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