Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get Jacked Revisited

I dug up a blog from 2 years ago entitled "Get Jacked!"   Click here to read it.

Since 2 years has past since I wrote it, there are a few small things that I felt like I needed to add to it.  Besides, I don't train any male athletes that are not looking to put lots of lean mass on.  Just watch any football, basketball or baseball game.  There aren't many skinny fat guys running around out there.

The bulk of this information is for the skinny guy who is looking to put mass on.  If you are carrying too much fat, there are some steps we need to take to lean you out so some of this does not apply to you.

1.  If you want to be slow, skinny and weak, keep going for long runs.   If you want to be jacked up, start sprinting.   If you are an athlete, you are probably getting enough calorie burn from your practices and game regimen.  

2.  Get every rep of every set with good technique.  If your lifting partner is pulling 3 reps of every set off your chest, then you are spinning your wheels in the mud.   Check your ego and make sure that you get every rep cleanly.

3. Drink Real Gains from Universal Nutrition.  Its the only shake that I have sold for 10 years.   It works.  Drink it post workout and drink it before bed.   Also add fish oil supplement, vitamin D and multi - vitamin.  Save your money and avoid gimmicky pre - workout drinks.  Look to solid sleeping habits to promote energy and have a small coffee before your workouts if you feel the need.

4.  Squat, press, dead lift, jump and pull.   Those are the staple lifts and the one that bring about the most gains.   If you are not sure how to squat or deadlift, consult a professional like myself.  Add biceps, triceps and shoulder raises at the end of your workouts for 2 - 4 sets.

If you think I am possible full of it, check out these before and after shots.   This is Adam in November of 2011 at 118 lbs.

This is Adam 6 months later at 145lbs.  3 to 4 day a week of intense lifting and a solid diet will do that do you!

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