Monday, March 19, 2012

The Soar Dry Erase Board

My New Year's Resolution for the gym this year was to give my clients some new challenges that would create some excitement in the gym and increase their level of fitness at the same time. I decided to bring in a dry erase board and that would have 3 challenges or tests that would change by the week.

#1 Weighted Carry of the Week. The more I read, the more I liked the idea of Farmers Walks for my athletes and my general fitness clients. Its great core work, great shoulder work and great conditioning all at the same time. Plus, people carry heavy stuff almost every day. Below is a video of an Uneven KB carry.

#2 Performance Test. Instead of having one day every 6 - 8 weeks dedicated to boring "testing", I decided to have one performance test per week. We have used Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 15 yard sprint and agility courses. I have found that results have been better with random weekly tests vs. having 1 full testing day every month.

#3 Strength and Conditioning Test of the Week. This has become the best thing I have ever added to our training regimen. I choose 1 random "balls to the wall" challenge per week that is performed at the end of our workouts. As I have stated before, I am not a train till you puke kind of strength coach. However, I think it is important to test my athletes both mentally and physically and the "Strength and Conditioning Test of the Week" accomplishes exactly that. In fact, the kids come in each week asking what the test is. Here is a list of tests I have been using.

1. KB goblet squats - Max Reps 1 minute

2. Push up Isometric Hold - As long as possible

3. 45 second sled push - Max distance on our 20 yard track. The record was 80 yards with 135 on the sled. This was by far the hardest test.

4. Push ups - Max reps 1 minute

5. Forward and Backward sled drag medley

6. MB ball throw and suicide - max throws in 1 minute

7. Bent arm hang. Video below

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